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“This bottle is terrific, with substantial space for infusion options in the middle, and plenty of space for water. Easy to grasp, open, and not leak. It really does feel indestructible. My friends see it and want their own.” I'm so happy with this bottle.

By MA on May 27, 2015

“I bought this bottle to start trying to live healthier. I was’t sure if I’d like it that much but after using it for over 2 weeks now, I have to say I love it! I’m feeling better and have more energy.

The bottle is very durable – I’ve dropped it and knocked it over a few times – no problems! I was concerned that it might leak, being as it holds so much water. But so far so good – no leaking.” love it

By Tim Blakney on May 24, 2015

“This is absolutely the best infusing bottle I have used so far and I have used several of them. I love to infuse because it helped me to lose 20 lbs just by replacing all of the soda I was drinking, But the biggest problem I had was the many refills I had to do throughout the day. With the infuzH2O bottle, I hardly have to refill it!

Great bottle – Great company – Great customer service! 5 Stars all the way!” Great bottle

By Guy Bass on May 24, 2015

“My dad bought two of these, one for my mom and one for me. We love these bottle. They work really great, the fruit infused water tastes delicious and now I don’t have to purchase the expensive fruit flavored water anymore, I make my own. I also love the fact that the seal on the bottle does not leak. Got the product very quickly, and it was very easy to order. Now my sister wants one, so my dad will get one for her.” We love these bottle

By happycustomer on June 12, 2015

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